The Best Health Care Career Options

When it comes to health care you have plenty of options in front of you. In fact there are literally hundreds of careers that you could choose to pursue in medical filed. The sky is the limit in this regard! Some of the career choices require a number of years of schooling such as nursing or technical jobs while others, such as medical transcription may take anywhere from a few months to a year to study for. You have to really be clear with yourself about what you want, the type of personality you have, where your skills lie and how much time you are willing to devote to your education in order to determine your health care career path.What is certain is that health care workers are needed tremendously. With the population aging rapidly and people living longer all of the time certified professionals are needed to provide medical attention and treatment. As people age they tend to have more health care concerns. As more baby boomers retire this also opens up more jobs for the younger generation.Nursing is one of the best career options to pursue in today’s world. Within the nursing realm you have a variety of routes that you could choose to follow. If you want to choose the option that will involve the shortest period of schooling then choose to train to be a certified nursing assistant or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). It will take you a year of study for these nursing occupations.If you want to become a registered nurse (RN) you will need to study for two years at a university level. Another level of the nursing career is that for nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. After obtaining your RN degree you will need to study for an additional two to three years in order to pursue either one of these top paying nursing positions. These careers are very demanding and stressful but come with plenty of rewards.If you lean more towards the technical side then there are plenty of options for you in the health care sector. Medical technologists and technicians play an integral role in the field of medicine. Specialized training is required for these positions as is the need to be very detail oriented. Those wishing to become medical technicians must complete their bachelor’s degree in the field that they wish to pursue. Examples of these types of jobs include laboratory research technicians who gather date to determine causes and treatments for health issues and cytotechnologists whose job it is to analyze blood for abnormalities and diseases.There are health care careers that can be thought of as quick careers that do not take years and years of education and study but are still very viable health care careers. It may take you anywhere from a few months to a year to study for these careers but the pay will be well above minimum wage. Phlebotomists for instance are individuals who draw blood from patients. It generally takes one or two school semesters to get certified for this career path. This is just one of the many types of quick careers you can choose from. If you do a search over the Internet you will be presented with plenty of options to pick from.

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Pet Health Care Coverage – The Importance of Pet Health Care Coverage For Your Pets

With the rising medical costs and everything associated with health care, there has been a trickle down to the veterinary health care industry. This trickle down has seen a significant rise in medical costs that are associated with taking care or your pets.We insure many of our valuables against loss. We insure our cars, boats, houses, and jewelry just to name a few. One of the most valuable commodities that most Americans have is health insurance. But what about our pets?They are considered a vital member of the family. Some pet owners spend lavishly on their beloved creatures. Shouldn’t some of this lavish spending being on the care and treatment or disease or injury in the form of pet health care coverage?Animals are much like humans, they do get sick, injured, and can get life threatening diseases. The only difference is they can’t communicate with us their needs when they don’t feel good. Once we do take them to the veterinarian, the diagnosis along with the associated bill can be SHOCKING!Investing in pet health insurance for your pets is a great way to protect your pets from accidents and illness but also protect your finances and stress level. What exactly is pet health insurance?It is health insurance for your pet that is available through many prominent insurance companies. Not only is it available through insurance companies, you might be able to insure your pet through your work.What you are looking for in any insurance policy is coverage. You want to make sure you have adequate coverage in the policy. What is adequate pet health care [] coverage? Adequate coverage is making sure your policy has the right dollar amount of coverage along with the right type of coverage for your pets.There are a few factors that affect pet health care coverage. Some of these include type of animal you want to insure, the breed of the animal, the geographic location of the animal, and mostly the dollar amount of coverage desired.Why does the type of animal have an affect your pets insurance coverage? Dogs tend to cost more to insure than cats. Dogs are more prone to accidents than cats, but also some breeds of dogs have heredity defects that increase their cost to insure. Exotic pets like snakes, monkeys, ferrets have higher insurance costs because they are not typical pets.The breed of the animal affects the coverage your animal will receive because some breeds have hereditary or genetic defects that occur quite often. These conditions will increase the cost of your coverage.The location of which you live such as a city versus rural environment will have an affect your pet’s coverage because of the population and increased risk of accidents. Where your animal lives like being indoors or outdoors will also affect your coverage.The largest and most significant factor in pet health care coverage is cost. What do you intend to spend to adequately cover your animal? Paying larger premiums for your pet health care coverage will give you more coverage for your animal than a smaller monthly premium.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Myth Debunked!

Setting The Record StraightThere is a metaphorical place in any business when the seeker of inside secrets reaches that signpost that says something like: “Beewair … Theyre bee Dragyns ahed.” Again, keep in mind I am being highly metaphorical, but I’ve been asked a number of times about a certain type of commercial real estate financing that makes me begin to suspect that someone is out there selling investment property “treasure maps” for $5.00 each! And you know just how much treasure you will find following such a map. So as a professional commercial real estate loan broker, I am here to set the record straight:NO LENDER offers a 100% Loan to Value commercial real estate loan.And I define “lender” to mean a source of capital that provides debt financing, secured by real property.So for all of you seeking that 20% Seller Carry and the 80% purchase money loan on a property you think is worth three times the purchase price … please, join us back here in reality. If pigs had wings, they would fly. So, if a lender was willing to allow you to purchase a property on those terms, why would they need you? They would make a whole lot more money doing the transaction themselves!Here is the reality concerning commercial real estate from a lender’s perspective: Commercial real estate is considered an investment, not a basic need, such as a roof over your head. Because investment real estate is “secondary” to a borrower’s personal residence, it is usually considered a higher risk loan.Why?If the fit hits the shan in a borrower’s personal life and money becomes tight, lender’s conventional wisdom says that the borrower will shift his resources to protect his personal residence ahead of his commercial investments. This may not seem immediately apparent when you look at the spread between home loan rates and Wall Street conduit rates (these commercial rates are actually lower than most residential ones). However, you need to check the terms to see the difference.You can still by a primary residence with no money down and good credit. You can not purchase a commercial property without some form of equity investment. In most cases, the commercial lender wants to see a minimum of 15% equity in the deal, although you can find some that will allow 10% provided the property meets minimum debt service requirements. But good luck finding that situation in most good markets. Oh, and very few commercial loans go full term like residential loans (yes, I know that there are exceptions). Most are balloons at 10 years.Yes, you can engage a mezzanine lender to fund almost all of the equity difference, but you are really going to pay for it either in points and rate or in some form of equity kicker … which takes us away from my definition of lender. And mezzanine lenders don’t make loans on the property itself … which is a whole other story.Thus, it bears repeating: There are no 100% LTV commercial loan programs! Commercial real estate is for serious investors with equity to risk, a positive net worth, and an asset that a lender would feel comfortable encumbering. So the next time someone approaches you with a map to a pot of commercial real estate loan “gold” … save your money for a latte at Starbucks!

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